Why I’m no longer using my tumble dryer

IMG_20170713_161430458Last year I was seduced by the dryer setting on my machine. Oh, the convenience and ease of putting a load in the washer and having it come out warm and ready to wear.

Although I had to clear the filter out every so often I figured it was normal, never having a washer/dryer before and then I started to notice that my clothes were fading. The amount of fluff left after each load started to bug me too. After all the only place it could come from was the load of washing – from our actual clothes! It felt like my clothes were disappearing one wash at a time.

As soon as the sun started to shine I got back in the habit of hanging up the washing outside. The first few weeks were a hassle, I can’t lie that I made up every excuse not to use those precious few minutes of my morning running outside with a basket of laundry.

It’s slowly become the ‘norm’. On bright cheerful mornings I get a few minutes to feel the sun on my face and take a deep breath without anyone going “Muum”. I’m also feeling a tiny bit more environmentally friendly and there are pennies being saved since we’re using a little less power and our clothes are lasting that little bit longer.


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