One Small Step Outside My Comfort Zone


Ahh, my comfort zone is like my snuggly old dressing gown. Warm and cosy I can mooch around all day with it on, it’s the first thing I put on the morning and often straight after work. My comfort zone is safe and familiar, it asks and demands very little.

However nothing changes.

There are no new experiences here, in my comfortable safe place. I find myself avoiding new things, places and people. I make excuses not to do little things, well things that other people believe are little.

Take our shed for instance. Now I want you to image an old I’m-amazed-it’s-still-standing shed. When you open the door you have to take a sharp step backwards as an avalanche of mouldy old dirty stuff slides down towards you. That is our shed.

I’ve been thinking about clearing the shed for over a year now. Skips are easy but expensive when you factor in that the tip is only five minutes drive away. I reckon it’s fine if you think I’m a chicken “cluck, cluck” as the thought of driving to the skip, of doing something new by myself makes me pause.

And you see it made me think…if I avoid this ‘small’ trip to the skip again it makes other new and different things bigger and scarier. A camping trip with just the boy and I will be impossible if I can’t drive somewhere new by myself. Downstairs will never get redecorated if I can’t get to the tools at the back of the shed. A rubbish monster will evolve from the damp rubbish and devour us one night*.

So I bravely filled the boot and went to the tip. Tension built in the car as I approached the entrance, panic and tears threatened when I was asked for evidence of address – I didn’t know I needed that! – which the hi vis gentleman obviously saw and he kindly waved me through with the warning not to forget it next time. Did you know that tips really really really smell? Yuck.

I arrived home victorious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only three hundred more smelly* tip runs to do.

It may only be a tip run to someone who has done them many times and it may only be a very small step outside of my comfort zone but it was a step outside of it. And many small steps can take you a long way…..


*Unlikely but it could happen!

**I did mention it was smelly right?


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