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Random Thought Alert: Is being a houseperson ‘cheating’ at FIRE?

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I have had a few trying weeks at work (who doesn’t?) where I’ve gritted my teeth, put my head down and typed like my life depends on it whilst muttering under my breath about ineffective work ethics. On particularly stressful days I imagine just quitting and going home to my comfy bed.

I very much doubt it is a particularly unique dream.

But it is a dream that I could do tomorrow. I could hand in my notice and tell hubby that I’m going to become a housewife.

And it got me wondering….if FIRE (Financial inductance/Retire Early) is all about the freedom to choose whether you need to work or not, of having enough to live on then technically are not housewives/husbands/partners living the dream already?

You are effectively generating a passive income by supporting your partner.

But is it ‘cheating’ at FIRE?*

I feel like the answer is probably a personal one due to how you view money as mine and yours. You may think that I’m just splitting hairs – I am aware that I’m being pedantic – but is it not interesting to view this big scary idea of saving enough to stop working as something hundreds of thousands of people are already doing?

Do you have thoughts on my random thought of today?





*P.S. I don’t think being if I became a housewife I would consider myself as FIRE as I would want hubby to have the same options as me – we are a unit/financially tied together being married – but I figured my weird way of looking at the world might be interesting to you 🙂

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