Hello and welcome to the slightly disorganised world of mine.

In 2016 I had a long list of things I wanted to achieve: savings, a tidy house, healthy eating, running, being mother of the year etc. Perhaps not surprisingly I just couldn’t seem to achieve any of them, my head was running in circles always thinking of the next task and never completing or returning to the previous one.

I decided to start with the most basic of things of getting the house tidy and up together. After all being able to actually find my glasses in the morning is a great help to start any day!

Fast forward a year and it turns out that consistency and routine are the key to keeping on top of the mess that two lazy adults and two active kids can make. While I always knew that having clean dishes and clear countertops made life easier it still took a fair while for it to sink in that you have to clean every night. (I try not to think that I’ll be doing this for the rest of life but that eventually being tidy will become so much of a habit that I stop noticing)

Slowly I found some more spare time – that I no doubt used to spend rushing around aimlessly with – and realised that I’d been completely ignoring my finances and happily spending away on my 0% credit card . A panicked search of “how to live within your means” etc followed and I suddenly remembered my brother telling me about a blog where someone managed to live on £7k a year. Now Jacob’s blog often flies way above my head but through it I found the wonderful world of Financial Independence blogs and I’m hooked.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings as I write to keep myself accountable and ever mindful of the fact that dishes do not wash nor pennies save themselves.